What’s everyone doing? I’m so effing bored! I can’t WAIT until I get my bike, I could be up the coast getting shat on by a seagull right now :frowning:

never thought of being poo’d on by a gull as a good reason to have a motorbike :slight_smile: when you getting your wheels?

Well that’s what normally happens when I go to the seaside! Last time I went to Brighton I had blow dried, straightened and tousled my hair to perfection, I took literally 10 steps out of the car park and I got crapped on. Sad times!

I’m doing my CBT when I get back from my holiday early next month :slight_smile:

Stop whinging you. Always bloody moaning your like an old women :rolleyes:

If you were that bored you would of done your CBT before you go larging it up in Magaluf

I don’t usually moan, I swear!

Just came back from the coast :w00t:

Ich bin eifersüchtig, sollten Sie von mir mit euch genommen :frowning:

Thats what all the girls say until the Moto-King gives em some loving yeah!!

Mr. Lover, Mr. Lover, Mr. Lover

She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me in me back
She say I’m Mr. Ro…mantic

i went to weston super mare last year and a seagull shat over me leathers. bastid! gave everyone who saw it a good laugh tho.

LOL makes me laugh when a bird lets one rip and it hits ya. I always think of all the fooking people in the world and the bastard has just let one go on me…FFS. Seagull **** is bad for leather mate it contains nitrogen and sea salt you need to get that **** off straight away mate before it does damage.

I got **** on by a fucking Eagle Owl…Massive pellet hit me right on the bonce. nearly knocked me out…Seagull shite though…lol that stuff is bad…it stinks like rotten egg and old peoples wee

See, if ye hadn’t dragged on with yer CBT you could’ve gone to the coast too (though not with me, went along some motorways)

oh so you’re a screamer?

No comment.

ah, appears to be a quiet one then…

That’s a tough one, you never know if they’ve passed out or not. Not that it makes a difference…

Necrophilia FTW!


predictive text??


that’d be a step further from having passed out but meh, can’t say no then :smiley: