Bored to help... ?

Right so this is a weird one but anyone possibly bored enough on a day off from work who has access to tools, help me remove the baffles off my exhaust… my usual bike mechanic is off for a month back to his mother land… I will as a thank you buy the person who’s willing to help a pack of cold 6 or pie or £20 for your time… I do warn you it’s not a simple unscrew baffles from the tip. Think the exhaust sleeve needs to come off then from inside someone shove your Johnson in and remove the baffle. Only got one picture well enough to show the exhaust system.

Maybe someone knows this system can and explain to an idiot how it’s done or just send me a pm and we’ll go from there cheers





Don’t have any better pictures I’m afraid and I’ve exhausted google and youtube but no luck.

Cheers in advance.

are they MV augusta F4 pipes?

Not 100% buddy but similar design no doubt, according to Google they’re laser quad system. Website doesn’t work and other links offer no help for this particular model.

there must be some bolt to keep the baffles in each one, if they go all the way through, could the bolt be in the other end?

Well there’s no bolts on the ends, not inside or anywhere near the tip edges… from the rear a screw comes off and the can slides off the base but then it’s just like you holding the can in your hand, still no visible sign of how it should be taken out… There’s rivets ( not sure if correct word ) at the start of the can which I suspect hold the whole internal structure in place which in return allows you access to the baffles but I’m hoping I’m wrong and someone with some common sense can prove me wrong.

They’re not just angled and require a twist and wiggle to get them out once you take the screw off?

Mate always hide the number plates don’t give the scum extra help in finding bikes…

Why don’t you go to the OMC? Plenty of tools and professional help.

What alba said… you’ll have fun doing it as well