Bored and feeling helpful?


Need a bit of help.

Am in a place called Chala, Peru. Heading to Puquio, Peru.

Got 2 routes, but cant tell if either, or both are tarmac.


My interweb /wifi is shite, so got no chance of looking on google maps, google earth. Anyone got 5 mins fancy checking out…defo worth a pint when im home.

Leave on Monday, so any info greatfully received.


Route A. PE32.

Route B is to Nasca then PE30. I know Nasca road is paved but no idea of PE30.


Looking on Google maps, you probably wouldn’t want to drive a Ferrari up it, but the PE30 is tarmaced.

They haven’t run one of their streetcams up the PE32 & the satellite pics aren’t good enough to tell if that’s been paved or not.


As above Chala to puquio (229 mies) via

1S good looking tarmac from Chala to Nazca (106 miles)
PE 30 varied surface conditions but it is tarmac Nazca to Puquio (123 miles)

No street view and Google Earth satellite is unclear but some sections look to be tarmac other sections dirt roads. There does appear to be some trucks or buses using this route.

If I was on my own I’d go route B, travelling with company I’d go route A just for the adventure and because its a red rag to a bull to go places where no Google car has gone before, unless you’re tiring of dirt roads.


Yep …Route B via Nazca would be my choice. I did that route in 2017 (in a coach)…Tarmac all the way. Turned off and headed north before Puquio to Paracas on the coast.
Route A … hard to tell if its tarmac covered in dust, or just dirt but definitely looks a bit challenging further up .
Good luck :+1:


Thx all. Messaged the hotel and they said via Nazca too. Alzo asked a coke delivery driver and he looked at me like i was mad for suggesting PE32.

So Nazca it is :wink:


liaising with drug runners?


lol They’ll know the way the doesn’t have the local Feds watching the road.


Made it to Puquio safe n sound. Am at over 3200 m so can feel the cold after a few days of sunshine on the beach.

Road was nice n twisty. Shame I’m only on a 300cc though the road surface was all over the place so probably fot the best.



Set off 7.30, this was 50km past Nazca. Arrived 1.30 :slight_smile:


Looks great. Well jealous


Made it from Puquio to Abancay. First 100 miles were brutal. A long plateau with no cover, very windy, very cold. Almost turned back it was so cold…

Toptip; If biking in Peru best pack for all 4 seasons!




The second one was when I had a coffee just off the plateau. Cost 40p. She could have charged 10 times that and I’d have happily paid. Little dog was all over me and bike. Proper cutie


Anyone spot the straps? Strips cut from an inner tube. Local biker showed me how when I asked for a shop selling bungees. Works a treat too.


Travelling light.


I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to the owner as a little dog regardless of how cute she was…