has anyone tried the following? what’s your experience? any comparison?

PUMA 1000



thank you!

had the 1000’s.Still the best looking boot in my opinion. Comfy and solid as buggery.

wouldve bought another pair but couldnt find a pair for love nor money so bought some SIDI’s instead goes without saying they HAVE to be black though:satisfied:

yeah, they’ve got to be black ones :slight_smile:

A mate of mine bought a pair of these recently, he got them considerably cheaper than at Hein Gerick’s but can’t remember where, it may have been e-bay? He swears by them too, although I’m not sure about the orange mind?!? :wink:

i would love to get the Pumas if they did my size :ermm:

I have the Puma 1000 (in Black with Silver), v comfy, but do squeak from time to time (I’ve read the other link about how to stop this, but not tried yet!).

I purchased them new from ebay, seller was M&P. made them an offer of £150 + £9 P&P, retail is £250 I believe!

Can’t believe you didn’t go with the orange and black to match the bike Maz?!? :wink:

Yuk, looks more Grey & Orange!

i ned to get some new gore-tex boots this winter, so will have to do some research… do puma do a goretex version?

I replaced my boots a few weeks ago, I had a pair of Sidis and wasn’t impressed with the comfort or quality so went for a Daytona’s, they are a bit more expensive but feel really solid and and very comfortable. I went for the goretex ones and would def recommend them.

Yes someone else recommended the goretex daytonas, i will have to have a shop around nearer October time.

i’ve got alpinestars SMX Plus if they still do them? best boots ive had bar none, super comfy, make sidi’s feel like wellies! :stuck_out_tongue:

does anyone know if any LB members work in a hein gericke store?>

I had a pair of 1000’s, got them in J&S.

I found them painfully uncomfortable for about a week, they then became super comfy and the next day broke!!:w00t:

I went back, changed them for a pair of Alpinestars and am very happy with them. I wear them almost everyday, walk a fair bit in them. They squeak like hell but most boots do.

I would not have another pair of Pumas if they were giving them away.

Thanks mate will go boot testing soon!:slight_smile:

I have had the PUMA 100 or about a year now (look left on my pic <----------) I got them in light grey to match my bike and they feel just like trainers and so much protection.

I’ve had the SMX too but I swear by the PUMAS now…wont buy anything else!!!

Got myself the Sidi B2 Gore’s at the weekend, had a good test on the ride in today feet nice, dry and warm :slight_smile:

I think puma do great looking boots i also like the trainer style boots they do i will be buying some puma boots when i get my new bike

I was in a HG store and talking about the Pumas. The comment was that they’d had lot of quality issues and Puma were working on some new much improved ones. Apparently they want to ensure the news ones aren’t as bad as the earlier ones so as to avoid them getting a poor retution which they may not recover from.

I just got the a-star smx- 4 boots, they’re perfevt, comfy not to warm at the mo but feel warm enuff for winter and waterproof :D:D:D