Just ordered pair of boots nothing flash but better than I got, so I order my normal size 9 and lo and beholdthey fit at the feet BUT and its a big but, cant pull the zip up or get the velcro overflap to reach with leathers inside of boot, never bothered trying with leathers outside. Now what I would like to know is, would it be worth trying a size 10 in the hope they dont flap around on feet but will do up properly ? any advice would be helpfull :slight_smile:

firstly have you tried leaning your leg forward so the zip would be in a straight line. (if that makes sense) that would normally help alot because it isnt forcing the zip to go in all sorts of directions. other then that try the size 10 becuase it may not be as bad you u think, (that would be a 45 euro). or if that boot comes in 9.5 then try that (euro 44). my boots are slightly bigger but i had to becuase the other size down was too uncomfortable and this doesnt effect riding at all in fact dont notice it at all.

well hopefully that helps if not then i heard there are a sale on wellington boots up north. :stuck_out_tongue:

Always wear my kegs over the boots. That way the rain runs down the trousers and doesn’t fill your boots with water. OK, you don’t wear leathers in the rain, but it does rain when you are wearing the leathers. (Sods law, I think.)

I take an 8 1/2, but you can’t buy those, so I buy size 9 (43 euro) and use a felt thermal inner sole to take up the slack. Works well for me.

Just don’t sniff the inner sole before you chuck it in the washing machine.


Thats the only downside to interweb shopping. You can’t try it on and they don’t make you a coffee:D

I agree mate think I will go round few shops n try some on the try online for prices see if shops can match them. :slight_smile: