Any1 know anywhere decent for boots? sidi rains etc, se london ish.


J & S in Morden are pretty good for boots, I found them not the cheapest but to have a reasonable stock.

If you know your size and what you want, you cant beat fleabay.

I agree with dannyboy… If you go to the J&S in Greenwich, ask for Dean/Deano, helped me out in the past.


Sondel Sports in Islington. Where I got my Sidis and Alpinestars.

Oops - just saw the SE part

Ah don’t go sarf of the river saaaan.

thank god for that, too many gooners over here already, lol.

Prob will try j&s at greenwich, just down road from me.

Be aware that sidi black rain evo’s leak in a good downpour.

Oxtar sport TCS goretex dont.

From what I hear, it isnt the leaking that bothers people with the Sidi’s, it what happens to them in summer!

Second that on the Daytonas. Baby J sorted me out with a pair and they are superb.

Hein Gericke in Stockwell, not SE though.

I got almost new Daytona Security Evos for only £160 on fleabay, not sure I would wear anything else now, they make my Sidis feel like flip flops…

Have u seen the new Puma boots? They are in a grey with orange (not great colour) but also do them in black? saw them in hein gericke (welling)

Or order them from FC-MOTO in Germany much much cheaper

must agree daytona are an awsome boot… hand built but expensive. the puma’s are quite nice … comfy (based apon there x100 sports trainer… apparetally. )

but the oxtar tcs sport gore-tex is gd for resoable priced boot . top seller. !!

I’ve had my Daytona winter boots for 8-9 years now, been used on my 80 mile round trip comute & are still waterproof & have plenty of life left in them before I need to get them resoled, cost me IIRC about £180.

Not cheap to buy initially, but take into account their life expectancy & I figure they’ll end up costing me less than £15 a year, so anyone reckon they’ve got a cheaper option ?

I wear Alpinestar SMX plus, they are very comfy and give a great feel of safety around the ankle. They aren`t the cheapest but i think they are the best.

I’ve had a pair of Sidi Black Rain since July 2005 (£99 from Infinity), wear them all the time and they’ve never leaked a drop, even in the downpours last month when the only dry thing about me was my helmeted head and my feet. Or maybe I just have a Wednesday pair?