Boots with kevlar jeans

I got a new pair of Kevlar jeans last year and they have narrower legs than the old pair. Generally I think it’s probably a good thing as the knee pads stay in place a lot better but they don’t fit over my boots.
As a result, I have to tuck them inside the boots but they only fit into the top bit and i have to scrunch them up at the top of the boots to fold the extra material away.

I can see 3 options to solve the problem:

  • Get baggier jeans that fit over the boots
  • Get shorter boots like these
  • Get the jeans cut down so they are too short in general use but sit just inside the top of the boots

I guess 3 is the sensible option as it keeps my current gear and is probably the most protective as I’ll have shin coverage and the knee pads stay in place - only problem is that I’ll be walking around in 3/4 length trousers if I’m not in full boots.

Any other options that people use - the shin protection on my boots (RST Tractec Evo) is quite thick, are there any decent summer boots without such thick padding that may fit under my jeans?

What is the consensus on short boots? Having spent most of my youth with battered shins from falling off my mountain bike, I tend to think that protection to the shins is pretty important.

usaly if you wear jeans you wear pixi boots

If i wear jeans I tend to use shorty boots like this

yes they probably are not as good as full boots but jeans are prob not as good as leathers.

Option 4


Shorter boots and maybe some shin pads.


I think i have an old pair of Hein Gericke goretex pixie boots that i used during a previous life as a scooter rider. Christ knows where they are though, i’ve moved house 4 times since then.

You could track down a local seamstress & have an elasticated gusset & zip inserted in the inner seam

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Thanks chaps, i have got over my fear of pixie boots but definitely need to get an airier pair for sunny days, the short goretex boots are hotter than my perforated tractec evos