Boot Re-Soleing

A lot of people have mentioned how bad the soles have been on their Sidi boots - does anybody know if it’s possible to get them re-soled?

yes take them into a sidi dealer

m8 of mine does all that, prob wont be a sidi sole though, he does all the stitching soles etc.

I’d be interested to know how much he charges for that. :slight_smile:

Yeah me too…SSS… Sidi Sole’s are Shíte :angry:

I had my normal boots resoled last winter and those cost me £20. Sherrie go into Ealing Broadway Centre, the little shop next to Argos (ground level) do all that, ask them there.

Cheers Ang :slight_smile:

check this out…

That looks like a fantastic job…Thanks for posting luv…Will investigate for my boots.