Boot fitting

Hi all,

Me and doug are driving to the mcn bike show in a couple of weeks, and i would like to get a pair of Sidi boots to replace my TCX ones. Problem is, I wont be wearing my leathers.

Question is… Do I need my leathers on to see if they fit round my leather clad lower legs, or are they quite generous in fit anyway, and shouldnt have much of a problem. I could wear em in the car, but how much of an idiot would i feel? LOL :smiley:

Why not take your old boots along as a comparison, you know how they fit with the leathers on so see how much gap you have in jeans and then compare with the new boots.

Thats not a bad idea PJ, I am toying with the idea of looking like a complete biker wannabe (hahahahah)
when i walk from the car park, clearly not on a bike in my leathers. Or I could go to a shop after the show and buy them, but sometimes you pick up discounts at the shows…

Wear the trousers and your old boots for a good comparison.

Don’t worry what you look like - there will be some very odd-looking people there:D

What Sidi’s are you looking at buying? If its the Vertigo range then you will be fine just going in normal clothes as they have the adjusters at the back and cater for big calf cladded people like moi :smiley: If it’s the other type then I’m not sure, I didn’t look at your legs at the party ;):smiley:

we have had this problem in the past, i would say wear your leathers to try on new boots.

p.s. i know you are blonde but how would anybody see you in the car with them on, while walking around if anybody does look at you they will think you went by bike. :slight_smile:

haha, i might go for the vertigo, i like the idea of being adjustable in the more awkward places… The boots i have a lovely fit but are very soft, and i dont think will help my ankles much in the event of an off…

As Ang said, the Vertigos have a really amount of adjustment at the rear, so if your leathers fit snug around your lower legs, then you should have no problems at all.
I’ve just taken a pic of mine to show the adjustments open/close if you haven’t seen them before.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:





Thanks Alex,

that does help a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: I think i will go for the Vertigo’s

Now, can we see you modelling them… just the boots :smiley:

lol - didn’t I put that pic up over Christmas? Had to take it down, there’s minors around :wink:

Damn… worth a try :smiley:

I therefore wont be modelling mine when I get them…:w00t:

i have the same grate boot

I think you should go in full leathers, gloves, helmet, the lot. It is a bike show after all xD

I’m still wondering why anyone should want to go to the MCN bike show.

I went last year and it wasn’t much cop, but the retailers there did offer some discounts that were not around in the shops, you have to know what you’re looking for though.

Thats my only reason… :smiley:

I might go if I get a free ticket, otherwise I won’t bother.

im going… for a laugh :ermm: :rolleyes:

Did anyone get a free ticket from the promotion that was on here last week???

Not heard anything yet.

I like the Vertigo’s, nice boots! Im sticking to me tried and tested Alpinestars though, saved my foot being smashed to bits :smiley: