Boot at Sarratt Bike & BBQ Night Monday 8th September

Hello all!

Just to confirm that the next bike & BBQ night at The Boot ( will take place on Monday 8th September.

Look forward to seeing some old and new faces then! Pray for sun…

Cheers! :smiley:

Monique & Paul, owners of The Boot

Sun would be nice but even if it’s raining we will be there… is there room inside for us lot or are you going to put a roof and sides on the marquee? :smiley: …I’m sure Westie will offer to hold a brolly over the chef :wink:

See you guys there :stuck_out_tongue:

Grim and I will be making the effort but if it is p*ssing down the ‘Car and Van Club’ may make an appearance :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in, might be bringing my waterproofs though :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’ve had new fork seals and new head bearings on the beast :crying: I’ll be there, got to get the most out of it now :Whistling: Feels like a different bike.

There’ll be room inside for everyone - might get a bit cosy but we’re all friends now…!!! Marquee needs to come down I’m afraid as it’s got a broken ground bar - or could we pass it off as some modern art sculpture…?

I’ll let the chef know he’ll be covered, oo er… :wink:

I say how rude of GSXANG… im sure the chef can hold his own brolly… i can always assist…:cool: i should be there weather permitting, you cant miss me in my colourful regalia…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, I’ve not been yet - will try to make it too :slight_smile:

Hi all ,

Have’nt been to the new venue at Sarratt so looking forward to seeing what its like and meeting a load of new face’s

See you at around 8.30


Will be bringing a few mates sure the chef won’t mind ???

marvelous, the more the merrier! see you later!

For all those who have some bee in their bonnet about ‘us’ arranging the Sarratt bike night the evening before the Herts one, on purpose … get a life, read through the Sarratt threads and you will see Sarratt has been going probably before most of you were born!

Sarratt is not an organised LB event, we have joined them on their bike night.

Those who haven’t yet been, its a lovely friendly pub, run by bikers not too far from the Ace. It’s on the second Monday of the month from 5.30pm.

Morning dear…:stuck_out_tongue:

Morning Westie… I did laugh reading through the old thread :wink: have a look on the one you are last to comment on :smiley:

I remember when I first moved here 7 years ago Grim taking me on a tour of Sarratt and showing me where he hung out during his youth :wink:

Its great that The Boot has rekindled Sarratt :cool:

Plus if I felt the desire I could even go out 2 nights in a week in fact in a row! :Wow:

which one my dear?!:smiley:

Own up, who’s moaning!!! Nothing worng with two bike meets in a row, the more bike meets the better I say :slight_smile: Personally Sarratt is much more convenient for me on a work night as it’s much nearer.I know Sarratt has had a history of bike meets for many, many years now, way before I was born (just trying to make you all feel old :P) so everyone moaning should just grow up, you either go to both or pick one that best for you, simple, no need to moan now is there!! :)Anyway, I didn’t think this was an LB organised meet, it’s posted up by the pub managers each month.

I’m sure he did Debz but that’s for another thread surely :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:


He told me it was a mouth organ :wink: