Boot advice pleasey!

High Gang!

Can anyone gimme the head-Up on 661 MX boots? Was thinking of some APStars, but these look like they could be better value?



I’ve never had a pair so i can’t comment ,but personally I’d go for A stars tech 8,best boot I’ve had…tried those tech 10’s once didn’t like them at all,they also fell apart

I’ve not tried the ones in the picture but I have recently bought a pair of Alpine Stars SMX plus and so far they’re really good. They’re a bit squeaky but comfortable from the beginning.

Had a pair of tech 4’s ages ago - I thought they were pretty good. Look at Oxtars they do some good ones - I have a pair - come with an inner boot think they are tcs pro or something like that.

Daytona do MX boots too - pricey though…

These were the AP’s I was thinking’bout.

I tried some Tech3’s. Fantastically comfy, but the colours not working wi’the rest of my kit

The 661s look like good kit. They make body armour and their stuff seem to be well sought after.

If you’re interested, I have a pair of almost new (still in box) Sidi Raptors for sale … £100 … worn them about 6 times. Size 9UK (EU43)

what about this booty…



Cool GP! I could prolly get both my feet in there!

Fanx SP, but the Tech3’s I tried were black. With my red-n-white (dirty grey more like) leathers, they looked like wellies!

Plus at size 9, I’d have to cut my toes off!


Showing your holiday snaps from last year again.

I could do with somewhere safe to park the CBR.

Ha ha - you know it… B*stard

Yeah, but you’ll wanna be able to find your CBR again!

Back to topic for a mo:

I got the Tec6’s ame burfday!

Now then, what about that big booty!