Boom! My number was up


After 7 years riding my turn is here. Riding home last night after Friday night shenanigans and BOOM (Yellow Jacket - Pull over please Sir)

Laser Gun from 465 feet away! I didnt even realise they could get you that far. He was a right little sniper :w00t:

But cant complain - The guy was sound and could have done me for 6 points as i was 20 over. Had a breathaliser (Result - alcohol 0 Bad Breath 1) :smiley: Ended up with 3 points and a £60
As said before he was sound! He even said “if you have any mates in the area let them know Im going to be in the area for a few weeks”. So he’s between Richmond and Kingston - Richmond Rd.

So I guess NOTE TO SELF…

Less gas = Cheaper insurance

Gutted :ermm:

bummer, but like you said it could’ve been worse

Crikey - not the kind of thing you expect at night - although I have seen the police with speed guns standing outside mortlake cemetery on theway into/out oftown at night.

Lucky you were ‘only’ twenty over.

******* right!

He was like you were going a bit fast there wernt you…

I was thinking you should have seen my wheely 1000yrds back down the road :w00t:

Glad it wasn’t too harsh :wink:

photographichero (29/11/2008)

Hope he doesn’t see this :stuck_out_tongue:

Like you’ve said, could have been worse, you could have got pulled by a right jobsworth, luckily he was a sound fella :slight_smile:

I will keep an eye out on that road then - is that the one with the two speed camera’s outside the girls school that burned down a couple of years back?


At least Mr Plod was fair.

Hello, sorry to hear.

I often do Kingston to Palmers Green late at night, and I’m not posting what speeds I get up to! :wink:

Where ‘exactly’ was this guy? I also done this journey at 9am this morning, and didn’t see anyone?


Just had a look at the route and it seems I join it by the petrol station in Ham - as it becomes Petersham road?

Guess I’ll just have to try and keep my eyes peeled… sorry again mate, but it could have been a lot worse I suppose :slight_smile:

That is very bad luck but glad the chap was at least reasonable.

Dumb question here: I thought hand held guns didn’t work at night . . ? :blink:

Right or wrong, I don’t know, but I was told that the laser guns work best at night as they can see the little red dot a lot clearer.

Kind of makes sense but could be borrocks.

well he had me good!

this is where he was:,-0.305933&sspn=0.003538,0.009431&ie=UTF8&ll=51.434053,-0.304978&spn=0.007076,0.018861&t=h&z=16&g=ham+farm+road

popping out of ham farm road looking down the A307. Although he said he will be in and around the rea for a few weeks so just be aware :wink:

Well I rarely go towards Richmond… but I think I’ll be going easy on my wrist action for a while around town… :ermm:
Shame you got caught, but still the guy was decent about it at least :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought those handheld speed guns were considered to be unusable owing to accuracy issues in relation to bikes…? I swear there was something in the press about a year ago, where a couple of Counties police forces were stopping using them because too many convictions were being overturned when they were challenged in court… ?

Sorry to hear that mate!! you should have stayed at the ace!!:smiley:

I got caught doing 80 in a 40 and lucky for me he just gave me fixed penalty. They are not all bad, I was well over speed limit so could have been worse. When I stopped was just thinking to myself… here we go, I’ve had it. If you decide to contest it you have to go to court, in which case double the limit bye, bye licence. I was happy to take the fine. I was in control of my machine, empty roads, after 9pm, but no excuses really. I could be taking the bus to work now.

Correction, I was not caught for 6 years, but I’m no saint. Just keep your speed down if you don’t want to get caught.

unlucky ryan!

Lucky you got a decent chap, if you had got one in a mad mood, it could have been curtains.