Booked my first track day...

It is the short circuit, not the MotoGP circuit, I think it is the Indy, running the Evening course, get a bit of instruction, but not expecting too much.

2 groups, Novice/Inter & Inter/Fast, I went for novice for good reason.

Fingers crossed for good weather. Need to check out whether my bike comes in under the dB measurement, 102dB for evening, but I am pretty sure it said 98dB somewhere when I booked so will hope to be under that.

Oh I am excited already.

Good luck when is it. :slight_smile:

A week on Monday, 21st of June. Was only £55, probably due to it being the evening course and being on the short circuit.

Since it will be my first time i figured doing it cheap to see if I have a taste for it at all would be best. Will give me a chance of going round on a circuit on my bike and seeing whether I like it without it costing me an arm and a leg.

Will see you at the Ace in a couple of hours.

Good luck on the track day, just ride at a pace you feel comfortable with and sod every one else. oh and if you break it give me a shout…:hehe: