Bonneville America

I was in the Triumph dealers having some work done on my Daytona and saw the Bonneville America. I’m not a big fan of cruisers in general but love the looks of this bike and seriously want one. Does anyone on here own one?

I had a look at one of them and the speedmaster before i brought my scrambler,was tempted,they all use the same engine (although the scram has a different firing order).The whole range is quite heavy and low power,but i still like mine ,torquey engine and something a bit different .

I have an '04 America which I have owned for just over a year and love it. I has plenty of power and low down grunt and is a joy to ride. I also own a Honda CBR 600 but only use that for commuting. Given the choice I’d far rather ride the America, it’s comfortable and easy to ride. I thought I would have trouble with the foot-forward position but now I switch easily between the two bikes. The America will do wel over 100mph but that’s not the idea, it’s just so laid back.

Thanks guys. I’m gonna book a test ride for this weekend. At the moment you get £800 if free accessories with a new America…I would like to change the exhaust to something a bit louder.

I can see where this cruiser fetish is going to end up… Rocket III :w00t:

I bought a 2006 Speedmaster a couple of months back. Its a lovely relaxing bike to ride but I find the steering a litle heavy at low speeds. It handles well and is torquey but is not in the same league as a sportsbike. They are fitted with air induction kits as standard to reduce emissions but this causes them to pop and bang on the over run - I removed mine and its much sweeter now.

If you do buy one, I have a set of mint slash cut ‘not for road use’ pipes if you are interested. They were fitted to mine when I got it but I put the originals back on - they sounded lovely but were a little noisy for me.

it’s such a gorgeous bike. who cares about the obsession for speed. Triumph makes the classic cafe racers. Would absolutely love one. It just wouldn’t/couldn’t be my only bike though.

I picked up the America today…Beautifull bike. Hope its dry this weekend want to get it run asap. Never thought I would get a cruiser but I’ve got the bug now. I’m going through the accessories catalog at the moment to see what some more chrome will cost…

One of the few factory ‘customs’ that I like, especially in black! :wink: I saw one of these on a ride out a while ago and had to do a double take as it didn’t look like a standard manufacturers bike. Very nice, very jealous! :D:D

Wellcome to the Trumpet club,nice bike .

Cheers mate. I’ve been in the club a while…Got two Daytonas as well.