Hello everybody,

I’m Nicolas, a french guy (I lived near Paris) who arrived in London 4 months ago. I am 29years old and I’m currently living close to Finsbury Park. I’m in london for 2 years at least.

I’ve started motorbike in France in 2004 with a black Honda CB500S (which I still own), I’ve done 150000km with it (circuit, holidays, road to go to work every day …) and it still works well. In parallel I bought a Honda blue VTR1000 Firestorm (model 2002) in 2009 it was amazing and pure happiness but I sold it after 2 years since it was too dangerous for my driving license. In 2011, I’ve tried the Honda NC700X and despite it small motor, I had fun during my test trip so I bought it with luggages (top-case and lateral lugagges) to be able to go far away easily (I was thinking to buy a Versys but the seller was really too fool).

I left my bikes in France in my family but since I visit one or twice a month my family I can have fun with my bikes BUT I really need a bike in UK so I’m looking for informations to know if it’s possible to bring a french motorbike and to ‘easily’ get an UK insurance not to expensive.
I’m thinking to sell my old CB500S and to buy a small 250-300cm3 bike (because there are soo many speed camera in London). I want a motorbike here to be able to move around London, to visit and to participate to rides with other members.

I will create new posts soon to get informations.

See you soon and have fun on the road!




Bienvenue á Londres.

If you’re now living in the UK rather than visiting or studying, then you’re classed as a UK resident & consequently are not allowed to ride or drive any vehicle with a non-UK registration plate.

You should be able to import & register your bike here without too much trouble these days, but you may need to change the headlight to a UK one in order that it dips in the correct direction & doesn’t dazzle other road users.

More info can be found here:

Hi, you should ask the thousands of Polish and other Eastern Europeans how they manage to stay here on foreign plates. I’m pretty sure they’re not all tourists…

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