N00bie here!

Just bought my first bike on Saturday, Kawasaki Er6f getting delivered in the week.

Haven’t even passed my test yet, thats coming up in a few weeks. Looking forward to riding legally!

I live near Harrow - looking forward to reducing my daily commute into town by about 2/3rds once im up and running and getting out at the weekends.

That’s all from me now, just trying to read up as much as poss.


Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Ello and welcome :slight_smile:

welcome and great username!

Thanks guys :cool:

Quick question - Insurance.

Im 21, got a brand new er6f - any one got any good recommendations for insurance?

Mates have said CIA and MCE, but they haven’t had very competitive quotes.


Hi Mum! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the site buddy… Try this guide out as I found it quite good in getting my first quote:

Welcome To LB and Harrow you Say wherebouts i am down in Rayners Lane

if ya Fancy coming out for a ride give us a PM :slight_smile:

I’m not far from you - I’m Eastcote, but saw Harrow as people generally have heard of that lol!

Once im up and running I’ll PM you, show me the good roads around our way, used to cycle everywhere so Im good at all the downhill bits haha!!!

Insurance is pissing me off angryface Been quoted ~£500ish for TPFT with all the other nonsence thrown in like leathers cover and that, trouble is…it’s only once place offering that price. Everyone else is coming in at well over £1000 :frowning: I won’t be in a position to insure the bike until August. Just hope I can get a decent price then, fingers crossed.

welcome P S M

I use The Bike Insurer for insurance quotes

Using the bike insurer, I found my cheapest quote. Went direct to their website, found a cheaper quote again.

Eventually, after filling in my details 3 times - I manged to bring it down from £850 to £475. Most of that was commission to each other I suspect.

Can’t wait to get all this shiet sorted out and just hit the roads :cool:

Yer that be kool you buy bike off Daytona then?

could they not sort you out insurance if a brand new bike…

And yer insurance is a killer they wanted 1600 TPFT for my blackbird

Yeah - my gf’s mate works in there. Did me a deal on leathers. £1400 down to £900.

Spent a fair whack more than I need to as I’m probably only gonna have this bike for 1 year, 2 years tops to bring the insurance down. I was this close to buying a zx6 but couldn’t get insurance under 3-4k :frowning: So it’s the waiting game…

Probably better of starting off on a more sensible bike haha!

Didn’t think to ask them about a deal on insurance, I know kawasaki have their own insurance through MCE… will ask when I pick up my helmet tonight.

I know the guys there pretty well i live like 2 mins from there on bike :smiley:

was you looking at the New 11 model zx6r or older model?

I was going to get a 2010 zx6 for £6999 brand new.

After talking to a few pals, and the guy in the shop, they reckon I’m better of sticking with the Er6 for a year or so and then getting a 750 or… a 1000 :unsure: After going on the back of my mates zx10 last night - I might wait a while till I let myself loose on one of those beasts!

I’ve bought all my leathers etc with upgrading to a much more powerful bike in the near future.

Yer should build yourself up to it

who ya doing test with?

Hey mum :wink:

welcome from another n00b.

I have been with Devitt for a couple years now, they are great. first insurance at 22 on my CBR600f was £900ish, although I think my bike is a higher group than yours. They don’t charge interest on monthly payments either, so bonus.

how is Harrow, were looking to rent there soon, so might see you around :slight_smile:


Captain Slow - Im doing it with Passmaster by the polish war memorial.

Sold Out - Harrows alright, just as long as you try and avoid the ghetto endz haha.


The property we are looking at is on clitheroe avenue.

I did my test with pass masters, they were great I passed last year. I had the old guy with a mohawk stuck on top of his helmet.

Evening all :cool:

Passed my DAS a few weeks ago, now im out on the road. :smiley:

Still running my bike in, it’s killing me keeping it below 4,000revs!!!

I’ve got the fear atm, drove to work on friday (Ruislip to Paddington) then to Bank after work to meet a few mates, and have the feeling I may have been caught by a camera :crying:

Anyway, been riding around, loving it - keep on going past the Ace, but haven’t stopped off yet.

As you were :hehe:

Nice one milf, take it easy :slight_smile: