It’s been 2 weeks that I ve registered with LB but I just found out how to add a picture to my profile so here I am officially…I live near Greenwich and yes I ve just got a Z750 so I cant wait for the hot days (well, at least the not raining ones) to go on a ride outside the capital…anybody interested let me know ;o)

Et si y’a des français ici faites moi signe. ciao.

Welcome to LB and I think a lot of people will agree, roll on sunshine :cool: Not long now!

Keep an eye on the rideouts section, there are rideouts happening almost every weekend, even in this weather :slight_smile:

Bonjour Onirik, and congratulations on your purchase. That is a very nice bike.

Hope to meet you on a rideout in due course. Members here regularly arrange these so keep a close eye on the forum. Jetstream’s rideouts are highly recommended, unfortunately these are on hold temporarily as his bike got mashed up by a car driver the other week, but hopefully he will be getting a new one soon and the fun can begin again :cool:

Welcome. You live just up the road from me… for the next 2.5 weeks anyway!

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome and yes v-nice bike

ride safe:P

Salut Onirik, t’as une belle becane! Quand je bossais en France il y’avait enormement des Z750 et Z1000, couvert des produits Ermax.

Esperant qu’on se verra bientot-je suis de nouveau a Londres aussi alors il y a des bonnes virages a decouvrir.

Bon weekend-dimanche il fera beau!


How’s it going?

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome to LB:)


Welcome to LB