Bolts and replacements

Hey guys i need to replace quite a few of my larger bolts on the bike, ie foot hanger bolts, and some heelp plate bolts as they are really skanky. Where is the best place to get them from? i was looking at maybe replacing them with either stainless or gold ones from Probolt?

save ya dosh westy…paint them with hammerite :slight_smile:

top tip of the day, Im so helpfull

Hiya Westie:)

Thats the usual problem with Yamaha… Their bolts are made from a subtle blend of japanese Cheeses and do go mouldy quickly;)

I get my bits from

Top quality and very reasonable prices:)

yeah was thinking about that, maybe i will respray them after a clean up, i would prefer black bolts…:slight_smile:

Ya Fuggin Pikey:w00t:

well ive taken the hangers off, and cleaned them with bicarb and a brush, and given them a quick polish with autosol, look at the result!!:w00t:


Very nice, but you do realise you will be polishing them now until forever more;)

well i wont be using the bike in the shitty weather, it takes too much effort to clean the flippin thing, especially as shes getting on a bit now…:smiley:

im hoping (by saving a bit) that later on this year Frank will be complimented by a replacement triumph for the tiger.:smiley:

They cleaned up a treat mate did they take long ?

Put you hand over one eye grandad. You are seeing double;):P:D

Er im guessing he did both sides and not a numpty like you and only do one :smiley:

I’d never dream of doing that… I powdercoat mine:P