bolt on to slip on exhaust conversion?

Hello people, I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to convert the bolt-on pipes on my SVthou to slip-on? There’s a far wider selection of slip on cans!!!:D:D:) I’m guessing bodge-case scenario would be cutting and shutting which I don’t wanna do!?


I know a man that can. Will PM you details.

pretty easy to do, measure the bit where can will slip on and make sure there are cans out there that will fit tha then just cut the bolt on bit on the link pipe off…

you can get a bracket off ebay that will make a bolt on into a slip on fo 20 quid .i just got a can for my gsxr and i am waiting for the bracket yo arrive ,go on to ebay type in slip on can and you should find it .:smiley:


Yes, you can get it from bandit mania which i do have a spare set. If you’re interested pm me. The only thing is when fitting the adaptor, there is about 1 cm extra of pipe coming out from the bolt on bracket which you will to saw off from the existing pipe.



but that still means he has to cut off the bolt bit on link pipe.