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Boils my pi55

Why push the crap onto the road??

That is shitty. It’s not unreasonable to imagine it could cause a slip hazard for a bike, let alone the fact it’ll make vehicles dirty as they pass over it and flick it up.

Is it an offence to dump stuff into the road?

That said, what should he have done?

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Yes it is an offence.

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I guess they were running a dumper/excavator up and down the bank to do some work behind the fence and they tracked mud onto the footpath/road - he could have washed the wheels before it left site or laid a few sheets of ply down to stop the wheels tracking so much soil onto the road in the first place.

He should also be wearing boots - who the hell uses a jetwash in white trainers anyway?

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I believe if the work they do will cause debris onto the road they have to put signs up to warn people.

Whether they have a duty to clear it after or can leave it clears naturally I don’t know.

But I do know that the farm that put mud onto the road on which I crashed, their insurance paid out for my bike

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Suggest you forward that image to the local council and ask them what their stance on it is.


Send the details via Fixmystreet if you don’t want to lose the will to live trying to find the direct contact details for the local highways team.