Boiler replacement SE London


Anyone recommend any form to replace boiler with standard combi boiler?

British Gas quoted £4500 for Worcester Bosch plus some try valves for the existing radiators, plus a powerclean flush of the system.

Sounds a bit steep to me…

I’m a heating engineer but work for somebody,I can recommend someone from bexleyheath who is excellent and will run circles round a British gas me for details if you want.dean

Which Worcester Bosch?

That is expensive for anything but the high end models.

I replaced our old boiler with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow 440cdi (second form the top in terms of size) 2 weeks ago, plus some radiator valves and a digital controller all for £3500.

The labour charge was £1300, the rest was parts- this is in Oxfordshire though, I assume there is a bit of London tax to pay for you.

I paid £2500 for a WB Greenstar Junior 28i, a flush and 5 TRV’s last year, installed with vertical flue, removed the old one and comes with a Honeywell RF controller. 

Berkshire mind you.

I bet it was British Gas that said it needs replacing. The existing one is probably repairable.

Thanks. Quote is for a WB greenstar 30i erp and installation. 1119 for the boiler. 200 for the part p connections, 80 for the flue then a further 2101 for installation.

Quote includes a rad for the kitchen (184) a 249£ Programmable thermostat, the TRV valves and £372 for the power flush.

I’ve installed radiators before in DIY projects and the prices for some of this seem ridiculous.

Bromley Local Heating
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And he is a biker!

Whatever you do don’t use A C Wilgur

Thanks for all this - especially recommendation. Much obliged.