boiler prob

got a pro with it, heating keeps going off, its a combe, potterton 30 he,i have to keep pressing the test button, to get it to work,

the are no falt lights flashing,

any one got any info, its about 17 months old,I have turned it off and reset it, no change

Give Mark (trackdayjunkie) a tinkle, he should be able to help.:slight_smile:

IIRC these had an issue with the circuit boards but that was a few yrs ago, would have thought they’d fixed that particular issue by now.

I could start spouting off all the things that you could try or all the things that could be the fault but chances are will be miles out so best get professional help.:smiley:

You have PM give us a call :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark for you help, I have to get some one out to look at it, I will have to run it on test for now, I followed the wires in to the boiler and they split up to two different points, and im not sure which is for the thermostat, thank again,

It could be the high limit at fault. Does the boiler work getting to temp and then not coming back on.

there are many reasons why your boiler would be doing what it is, however before calling in an engineer give Potterton Service a ring, as the boiler may have more than one years guarantee .

good idea thanx i will do

Note that the Potterton gaurantee will not cover external controls.

yep thamks, all is woking fine:DI had to turn the boiler off and on several times then reset it,

I find it really easy to turn my old boiler off, i just stand there naked!:smiley:

Sorry, I’ll get my coat! (thick winter one of course):smiley: