Bognor trip

Can I just say a big thanks to Flatout for organising a top evening out at Bognor, some nice roads on the way down and some even better people to share it all with!

Lots of fun, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing the pics of the bumper cars!!

I’m annoyed I missed it but saying that I’ve only just finished sorting stuff out for my little trip.

a nice ride back and a nice ride there except for cezar who had to stop for petrol

sorry lmrr if you thought i was going to follow you on the a34 but i thought you wanted to speak to me

anyway cant wait for the next trip

I should have come on the a3 with you Riz - my headlight bulb blew, all I had was the parking light to show me the way home. It got a bit hairy at a couple of points on the a29. Apologies to anyone behind me who had to deal with my panic breaking as unless there was someone right in front of me guiding the way I could only see 3 feet in front of the bike.

Other than that I had a really good time and I’ll see you on the next one.

Crikey you got that sorted quick?

Erm, yes ditto the above - Flatout you ‘da man’ I believe the young people say these days.

Ginger - scary dude. Nice backfire competition

'til the next time

mine was the biggest and what makes you think im scary lol

Top people top roads what a laugh, and as for the bumper cars well done Flatout your the man. Sorry if i just carried on to Boxhill i didnt realise that Cezar needed fuel, i thought you were going another way

good day out, hope everyone wanted to go on the m25 that followed me back to boxhill?

where did we lose cezar and abbeyj then, i know they were behind us, then when we got to boxhill they seemed to have disappeared?

I thought someones headlight looked a bit dim, you should have flashed and we could have slowed down?

You on that bouncy bike man, little flames sprouting from the pipe LoL

And your burnout!! PMSL you are definitely a star player…

some pics up in pics place … enjoy

no worries - you guys turned right we turned left… straight up the a2 for me and the a20 for Cezar…

bike parked, i’m showered and off to bed…

dam bugs…

my helmet visor is green now… got one spectacular moth splat in the centre of it… its HUUUUUUGEEEE

Wolfie 750 - so sorry mate - I thought you were behind me when we left Bognor… only when we pulled into the tesco, did i find out that you were not with us…

Hi guys and gals

I’m finally home now will post the vid tomorrow of the bumper cars LOL, cheers Flats for organising it, massive thanks AJ for the laughs and your wonderful hospitality lastnight

Ginger - your just crazy man!!!

I have had such a great weekend with the best company

AFC - You lucky lucky bugger (won £100 on the fruit machines)

Cez - your a diamond honey, thanks for the bumper car ride

thanks to flatout it was a great ride home safe after a nice run up the m3 with ginger

Nice one guys n girls! Thanks for organising this Flatout, you did a great job and we all had a great time! Johnny, I thought something was up! You were behind me on the way home and I was wondering why you were so dimly lit! I think we all did a great job of respecting the roads as well, I’m surprised I didn’t go mad with those roads. Learning some restraint I think

Pics to come. I took 400, will take a little time to process. Hope the other group had fun in Brighton!

Also, I can’t remember who it was, but someone on an older bike, think it was a CBR600?.. had a green tinted headlight and it was badly adjusted, it completely dazzled me when behind me, reflecting off my mirrors and into my lid. I had to raise my head to stop the glare… Please have a look at fixing this!

only a pleasure LMRR…

and let me just say Flat - u the man dude…

big hugs and kisses

what a great idea this was, hope the video does the bumper cars justice,

good to put some faces to the names as well.

AJ, i was behind you all the way to the M25. or do you have a twin.

Just got in from the jaunt to brighton, bit of a mental one back anyways cheers for coming everyone, aint it great to make new friends but i didnt realise bognor and such little to offer anyways some where better for the next one???

i got bloody lost, ended up in flippin sevenoaks, rant rant, ok, im done im off to bed, thanks for a great trip guys! x

yea nice one guys…im home now with a head full of blistfulness and will sleep like a baby tonight…had a great time and so glad i went today…thanks once again everyone for giving me a dam good day!!!


phew…just got home…knakered… cheers flatster, great day out, nice to have meet you lot of nutters…… loved the bumper cars, aint been on those in years…flats was moaning that his one did’nt go fast…no change there then…

the run down to brighton was fun…dark fast…ahem…very fast roads, did’nt do a lot, got a drink and did some people watching for a bit…most of them were very pissed…

lost flats and adam on the way home, blated round the 25, got off at heathrow, then got pulled at the end of the stockley bypass…

yes officer i know i undertook doing about a ton…but the prat would’nt get out of the fast lane…sorry about the speed, i just want to get home… “fair comment, she was driving like an idot…be carefull and be on your way”…!!! result

off to bed…night night…

I’ve added a small vid in Andrews thread in pics/vids