Body Armour

another upgrade for me and another question for you :smiley:

Im thinking of buying some body armour… I feel that i need to have some protection that doesnt move around so much. (my jackets armour does - move around abit)

So i am thinking of getting full body armour like so:

what i am wondering if you can only wear them “naked” or can you wear them over clothes.

ie. wear them over a shirt/t-shirt when going to work…?

You see people wearing just the suit, personally, I don’t advocate that as there is not a lopt of abbrasion protection. I have been through a massive accident in my set, wearing a gortex jacket over the top. It appears that the body armour savem me from considerable damage. If I hadn’t been wearing the jacket over the top, I am pretty sure the suit would have disintegrated. The gortex trousers (Rukka) that I was also wearing at the time ripped and melted, but held long enough to stop any personal body damage.

I should clarify abit : im thinking of wearing the layers like this:


[body armour]

shirt /t -shirt

[/body armour]




[shirt /t -shirt]

body armour

[\shirt /t -shirt]


ps do you like the html code :Whistling:

I have one of those in me wardrobe keep meaning to sell it spose i should find out what size it is and put on here for sale! my other half wore it 3 times and then put it in the cuboard and there it has stayed lol

bloody uncomfortable, the mesh is to tight and what looks like it will be nice to wear isnt…but I guess with time you would get used to it…

Your backslash is illegal and it should be XML. Seeing as you asked…