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Any thoughts? Seems a lot cheaper than buying an overpriced jacket…could just stick this under a jumper in summer and my jacket in winter?

Not sure I would risk my safety on something bought cheap on e-bay. I think you usually only get what you pay for with safety equipment.

I agree with Chelsea Fan

The cheap stuff from ebay often falls apart, has no guarantee and is ill fitting. Best bet save up and got into a decent bike shop and try it on

The armoujr might be fine but there’ll be no abrasion resistance so if you did crash it could be serious road rash :pinch:

Just another thought - Whatever you decide to wear it under, you should try it on with your gear anyway, to make sure your overgarments will fit with it on - and whether you can move suitably in the ensemble. :slight_smile:

thats a similar set of armour to what i used to ride on the road with and stunt with aswell, i had many offs with it and it holds really well, ive still got the armour but now i wear it for motocross under a jersey.

(i stopped stunting in it cos it smells a lot now)(only wd40 seems to over power it:hehe:)

the only time this armour (or one very similar) let me down was because i had an EDZ windproof top underneath it! silly i know but it was cold outside!! it slipped round my arm and i ended up with about 10cm of road rash on an elbow. (that was a flipped wheelie at approx 50 on my old gixxer):hehe:

the way i see it is, if its CE approved then its been through a set of tests to get that approval, to be able to recreate these tests it’ll be one hell of a shitty crash!

err isn’t it supposed to be worn under other clothing? in which case you will have exactly the same abrasion resistance as if you didn’t wear it, the impact resistance will be greater and as long as it doesn’t impede your movement than it has got to be better than nothing?