Hadn’t actually, quite tired from the rideout. Unlike the bike, I’m not firing on all cylinders at the moment. Bed soon.

:cool:The vid was intresting, wonder how well the knee pads would protect if you replaced the shovel with a car door at 30mph ? :slight_smile:

Putting yourself forward as the guinea pig for testing? :hehe:At a guess - I’d say its going to work better than clothing inserts - because it will be lined up perfectly with the bits you want protecting. That being said - regardless of how comfortable it is because its flexible etc - how many people would think “ahh balls to it - won’t need it today - not planning on crashing” rather than having the “hassle” of pulling them on before putting your trews on.Swings <<<Roundabouts >>>

TBH if I was going out for a play, I would never wear inserts (other than shin pads down my socks) everything else would have to be strapped…and it is so uncomfortable.I was thinking more for stunting, if this stuff doz what it spose to do, you’d be able to move about more and still have the protection of hard strapped armour :cool:

brilliant vid: