BN Race Science Suspension Day

Just putting the feelers out to see if it’s worth trying to organise something.

Scorch is going to do the headstock bearings and also give my front forks an overhaul, once that’s done my suspension will need another Retune, Toony also needs his done so we were going to go together.
It got me thinking, if a enough of us needed it doing to make it worthwhile to him, maybe we could get Brian down to Scorches workshop to do it and turn it into a meetup. We may even be able to try and get a discounted price if enough of us turn up

What’s people’s thoughts???

i need to get my k7 done and my mate wants to get his r1 sorted let me know when you thinking of going

Fairly sure Brian already does his magic at a discounted group rate and that rate takes into consideration that you go to him :Whistling:

Ok cool, ive emailed Brian to see if it’s even possible for him to do a mobile service so will see what he says.

as far as im aware he does it from a motorcycle service place on the dark side in Twickenham

Brian is cool with it but can only do 3 of us in a day. He will do it for £70 each rather than £80. Me and toony will take 2 of the spots so leaves 1 more. Just need to get Scorches go ahead that he can go there and use his yard.

I need mine done, but so does Pin.
So that’s us out. To many arguments! Also Pin is the sat nav so I’m suckered.

I might just book a slot with him, at his work shop.

cool book me in i drop the bad news to phil

i need mine done but one of my rebound screws seems to just keep turning, waiting for a reply from scorch to see what needs doing to sort it…what day you thinking of getting it done


What do you get for that?!

lighter pockets and a better handling bike

Buy a book, a spanner, a socket and a tape measure and crack on? :ermm:

A bike that’s transformed. Night and day difference for me.
Yup you can do it it yourself but it takes experience to get it right and a lot of tweaking and understanding what you need to do to achieve ideal results.
Some people, like me, don’t have the time to invest in and have a skill set suited to doing other things :smiley:

a much faster bike. :smiley:

Value for money!

Brian has decades of experience in this field

It costs a little, but it’s worth it!

I’m sure! I paid Colin @ 100% £50 a few years back for my fully adjustable suspension to be set, so I know exactly what was done. I’m just wondering what happens here

You’re welcome to come and have a look, usually lots of us show up on the day for tea and a chat

Tim has given the go ahead for Brian to Come to his Workshop.

I’m now going to organise a Day that best suits everyone. I was thinking Saturday 4th April, that way it will be a bit closer to the summer so the days will be longer and we’ll have a bit more day light for longer, and i would heve just been Paid so can get all the work done i need doing in one go!

The 3 People that will be attending this one are…




Obviously anyone can come along and have a cuppa and a Chat on the day if they want, and see what Brian does, then maybe we can have a Venture out on the bikes once its all done.

im fine with any Saturday as long as it not a bank holiday weekend

let me know the exact date as I can get Scorch to sort out taking off the pratnav mount & wiring the former owner wants it back

Ah, I’ve long wondered this, too, actually. Is it just a twiddling of the adjusters that are there, or does he do things like reshimming and fiddling with fluids too?