bmw smelly clutch

Hi all

I bought a BMW R1100rt on a 99 plate.

I am very happy but after riding for a bit the clutch stinks.

Its very light and pulls great.

any info would be great



Stick it straight in the evening standard!!! :smiley:

Thanks for that Gaaaar

Oh yeah,know anything about Rover clutches???:smiley:

you sure its the clutch? have you got any slack in the cable (unless the later 11’s had hydraulic clutches that is ) if the bike has been standing for a while (long while) you can get a build up of dust and crap in all sorts of places and the clutch is dry on these bikes so it could be burning stuff off I guess? and you are sure you are releasing the clutch and that its not dragging ? unlike wet clutches it will complain rather than dump crap into the oil supply :slight_smile:

No im not sure. I slip the clutch like on bikes with wet clutches. I must admit ive only done about 5 miles and it was all filtering.The bike was not used for about 4 to 5 months.

Try this link from another forum. Turned out not to be a problem in that case.

Good luck, if its a new clutch required, its a bit of a job, as you may know…

Oh great if its not an old MOD Harley Davidson its a ex police BMW!! any chance you could buy a bike that doesn’t need any work HD??I shall prep the comprehensive tool kit!!! lol

You Rs

shall we post a picture of your bike tommorrw??:wink:

Yes. Post up pictures of both bikes with your stories and LB folks can take the mickey vote on who’s got the worst one :slight_smile:

Well technically my bike is without a motor so i have the best push bike lol

try not to slip the clutch too much the old girl will chug along happily with the clutch fully out at just over walking speed and can be prone to cooking the clutch a bit if slipped for too long and the clutch is open to the air so you will be more likely to smell it :slight_smile:

Just a quick update.

I have now learned how to ride it.

You just cant silp the clutch like you can on a bike with a wet clutch.

Its easy to ride once you know how.

Many thanks for the advice it worked a treat.

No more smelly clutch:):):slight_smile: