BMW S1000RR Sport Stolen in Southgate

Hi, my bike was nicked last Tuesday July 15th night about 11pm.
Totally opportunistic and random. Popped into a shop for five minutes, came out and it was gone.
Must have been lifted into a van as there are very few places it could have gone undetected in the time it took me to realise.
Found a tool on the road where the bike was, but the police don’t want to know.
Police reckon no cctv and no suspects so the report just gets filed.
Southgate,London N14. White /Motorsport colours
I will post the vin and engine number.
Any info pm please.

Sorry to hear it mate. Eyes are peeled.

I bet you’re gutted! Will keep an eye out!

Would be helpful if you could upload some pics! Hope you find it with no damage and the bastards burn in hell!