The man with the duff camshaft(s) is not alone. My inlet camshaft has gone bad - pitted badly enough to create a hell of a row. New camshaft went in but before I got the bike back BMW ordered its return. Yep, the whole engine has literally gone to meet its maker. New unit off production line is en route to dealer. Anyone else with this problem?

thats not good when you spend thousands on the latest bike :w00t: saw Honda might have similar problems with the VFR1200 in one of the mags, think after thier problems with the VF range they would sort it out :slight_smile:

I have ridden about 1000 on the new camshafts and all seems ok. It looks like there was an issue with the early production bikes as I have heard of a couple going. The newer batch, those with the black plastic heel guards on the swingarm, should all be fine.

Still goes like stink though and I’m still loving it.

Hi PJ. Sorry to hear of your misfortune with the Camshaft but it’s good that you have managed 1000 miles with its replacement.I am a bit concerned because I am picking up my new S1000RR on Saturday. As you say, the later batch with the black heal guard on the swinging arm could be less prone to camshaft failure.

I noticed a S1000RR ready for handover in Gloucester yesterday which had the black heal guard fitted so with a bit of luck, mine will be from the same batch.

This is my return to the world of motorcycling after a 40 year break, caused by marriage, children, career and getting old… not necessarily in that order. Wish me luck.

Bit of a baptism by fire after a 40 year layoff - be careful and enjoy.


i bought a new 2012 s1000rr.i booked it in for it 1st service,bmw told me over the phone,there a recall on your bike,that the 1st i new of it,never got a letter.any way,they services the bike,replaces the bolts/or what every the recalls intails,and at a 170mph,the engine blew,how i wasnt kills,i will never no,conrod is was in the top of the oil filter,bmw custom care,is a joke,every aspect of it,i told them i want me money back,if any one want the full going on,you can email me,as i hate typeing.i can tell you over the phone etc.,i have pictures and all,my advice is dont buy one,they will kill you,

Is that post available in English?

well he did say he hates typing :ermm: