BMW "Respect" (NWS)

Bmw mini-movie promoting the K1200R…(NWS) people cuz got boobies being shown…why the heck don’t we get ads for bikes like these ?…lookin’ at the girl think its time for a trip to Europe…bike’s not bad either



Nice ride, looks as if it’s pretty wild! woulndn’t mind a test drive…

The bike looks cool too!

Nightstalker, Europe’s sexy, but the Germans are sexier than us, that advert would never get shown over here Love it! Though I’m left wondering what I just saw…

i thought it was utter rubbish, badly shot, too many soundclips and no decent riding. Poo

You were actually watching the movie…and not the chick??…dude, time to get checked out by a shrink

but the Germans are sexier than us

ur sure - ur really sure???


… Of course they are … they buy music by The Hoff!!

what is the hoff???

LOL, Wolfma and SP…

dont diss the hoff

I got lost watching that ad but it beats “Suzuki Ride the winds of change” which is what we get.