BMW r80

I’d quite like one of these, if anyone knows of one for sale I’d be grateful to be put in touch.


I have a couple
top tip get one that is after 85 as the bores are nikasil plated also make sure its the twin brembo braked one as they actually stop
there are a few on here
good luck

Just seen this
1988 R100RS mono. 47,000 miles. This bike has been used every day this year, rain or shine. It is owned for riding and therefore is in only fair condition. Gel battery. Tank flushed and new taps filters and lines fitted. New tyres. Usual scuffs etc. Full luggage. Tax till Feb. Mot til May. Does weep a bit of oil but has done for last seven years with no problem. £1200 cash.
MOT certs back to 1996. Haynes manuals.
Non standard fairing mirrors so I can see. I have originals but they only show you your elbows.

07554935163 Cornwall. [email protected]