BMW R1150R vs Yamaha FZ6

2 weeks ago I had a small accident and my blackbird is gone:
The accident was caused by a cable clip in my rear tyre (you can see it on a photo)

Now I am forced to find another bike and I am thinking about BMW R1150R and Yamaha FZ6.
I bet some of you ride them and the thing that interests me most is how many miles per gallon
can you get in London?
Blackbird gave me about 28mpg. Now I am looking for something cheaper to run.


Hi there mate,wow all that was caused by a clip in the rear tyre…ouch…feel for you, that was one nice XX you had…

both seem quite different bikes, you thought about the BMW F800S? would be similar to the FZ6, both are cracking bikes without being too thirsty, and are owned by people on here.

I get about 35-40mpg from my inline 4 600. Give us yer budget for the bike cost and we can narrow it down a bit more.

I’ve got a Triumph Sprint RS and get 36mpg on commuting and over 45mpg on open roads. I’m not hanging about either… Well, I make good steady smooth progress…:D:D Worth looking at and you get a bike with chartacter and a nice triple engine. Good low down torque, comfortable for longer rides, and sporty enough to have fun on. Some good examples around for £2500 or less. 2002 models or so.

Quick breakdown of the last two weeks I’ve done.

152 Miles 15.80 litres 3.48 Gallons 43.73mpg 15.48KPL Fast Ride from Lincoln to London - 2hrs :w00t:
115 Miles 12.40 litres 2.73 Gallons 42.16mpg 14.92KPL Fast Rideout and commute
128 Miles 16.00 litres 3.52 Gallons 36.37mpg 12.87KPL Commute
128 Miles 15.65 litres 3.44 Gallons 37.18mpg 13.16KPL Commute

I have a R1150R, I get 35 - 40mpg, this is mainly on A roads no town riding. I suspect this would drop around town. Good strong bike. i have had it for a year and it hasn’t lost any money, they do keep there price well.

I had to sell my blackbird as I did not have enough money to repair it. I like BMW r1150r and I like the fact that they are shaft driven and often come with ABS and it gives some piece of mind. Heated handle bars are also a plus. The thing is that for more or less the same money I can get 2006 Yamaha FZ6 instead of 2001 R1150R. Yamaha doesn’t have ABS or heated bars (the ones that do have it are beyond my limits).
BMW F800 is too new and therefore too expensive.
I almost decided that I will go for R1150R as in reviews they are very good on fuel but I wanted to know how it is in the real life.
Thank you for the replies.

I had a R1150 for a couple of days when mine was in for servicing, I wouldn’t put too much faith in the heated grips in cold weather (I had -5 and snow and sleet) the rest of the bike was pretty good and in fairness the weather was extreme, I can’t tell you the MPG but my R1100RT is bigger, heavier (and strangely pulls far better through the gears ?could be its now run in @58K) but never gives less than 45 MPG around town and general peeing about and will go into the 50’s once on the open road (and -5 isn’t as much of a problem) if you want a naked beemer then the R1150 is fine, if you want a fairing then the RS1100/1150’s are out there at good prices, even the older GS’s are coming down in price.Compared to the Yam? I have no idea nad am not to proud to admit it, but IMHO big twins are just so much more fun :wink: OH and by the way, the R1100RT’s are a bargain these days;)

I have occassional use of the works R1150RS with ABS.

Not bad on fuel (get 200 miles out of a tank) and that is a combination of fast motorway and Traffic light GP town work. Quite vibey at speed, smooths out when in 6th gear but maybe it needs more miles put on it (only 6,000 at present) Oil consumption is negligable, unlike some other BMW’s which seem to drink it for the first 10k or so.

I hate the adjustable screen-it’s just a coule of inches too short, and makes long distance work tiring because of the noise. If I put the seat lower it helps, but then my legs suffer cramp! The heated grips I find poor in comparison to the different aftermarket grips we have fitted to other bikes.They don’t get warm on position 1 and barely warm on position 2. The ABS on our one can’t be switched off-it is a bit basic when compared to the ABS on the Honda VFR, but it does work. Had a bit of a moment at Tower Hill a few weeks ago when a taxi pulled acroos my path-didn’t lock the front, but got the rear 18 inches off of the road!

Surprisingly, it’s a good town bike. The mirrors (bit burred at speed) are higher than car mirrors, but lower than van one’s, so progress is often swift when filtering. Lock to lock is good too, so can move it around in tight places OK.

Finish on our one is good-still shines up well, despite being used through winter on Londons salt and chemical strewn streets.Handles OK, but needs quite a lot of input until you get used to it.If I haven’t ridden it for a month or so, it takes me a good hours ride to get back in tune with it. it’s not a bike you can jump on and be happy with immediately. And those indicators!:crazy:

Can’t comment on the Fazer 600, as I’ve only ridden the 1000 (nice and fast, bland and with a poor finish that doesn’t like winter)