BMW panier inners

Hi need a hand, sorry I think I am thick or something, can’t figure it out myself.

I would like a set of inner cases for my BMW Vario side cases, they are on a BMW F700gs 2017 model. I’ve found some on amazon they look great and right but arnt for my model, though they look right, and some on Ebay that I am pretty convinced is for the pre 2017 model but the listings don’t say that.

If somebody could just point me at the right thing I would be most grateful, sometimes I get stuck on stuff like this and utterly fail to figure things out.

I think the standard ones are quite bulky and use up a fair bit of room? I did look into them once but didn’t go for it, instead opting to remove the boxes and take into hotels, etc. It’s not nice though, they’re heavy and sticky out bits hit/hurt your legs. No doubt you know this.

Haaang on, doesn’t an LB member make things like this? I remember someone made their own pannier inner bags.

too heavy for me, i have done that before, i’d just like a couple of fitted bags with straps… if a member makes them i would be happy to be a customer!

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HGB made some for his bike. Dunno if he fancies going into production though, maybe it could be the start of a new career! :slight_smile:

Buy a Kwaka Z1000SX - the panniers come with lovely snug fitting inner bags :slight_smile: Plus you get to be a cool kid who rides a Kwaka.

Or if you are determined to stay with your tractor, you could message the seller and ask for the dimensions of the bags / panniers. Sure they’ll be happy to help.

hot darn it can plough fields too?.. I always knew it was awsome :wink:

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Just back from a week in Cornwall and successfully used those pannier liners. Managed to get the kitchen sink in too.

Gabriall, if memory serves…you could knit some luggage?

hmmm busy working on a cardi at the moment, also not sure wool has the properties i was looking for :slight_smile:


How about a dry bag with a shoulder strap