BMW New king of the hill


video embeding problems

didnt expect those results like the R1 coming stone last

what did he say???

“this is masturbαte 2010” LOL :smiley:

they are having a mass-debate about wich is the better bike :smiley:

sounded like master bike 2010 to me :slight_smile:

I have to admit that even though i’m a Suzuki man if money was not an issue i’d still go for the Aprillia.

BMW for me, the aprillia is so tiny, you end up with your knees level with the top of the tank, and i’m only 5’11

KTM or Ducati for me. How did the R1 fare so poorly?

There were many that rated it poorly last year. Only MCN thought it was the best bike of the year AFAIK.

Most complained about it’s weight and lack of top end power, but praised it’s ability to give confidence coming out of corners.

I don’t know, I still want to try one out though.

the R1 scored really poorly but I would have the BMW if I could afford one.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA i was right :smiley: now bow to me minion :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: