BMW Motorrad

Offers Panniers with New R 1200 GS and Adventure!

feck and arse! :doze:


I was thinking about the filtering thread while posting that one!

Daddy Varaderos are just as bad, eh Patrick :wink:

Given my experience of this wunch of bankers, I’m just surprised they have become overt. Their usual practice is to pretend they don’t exist.

Trust them to introduce another (posing) hazard for other motorcycle comuters.



Typical response on these forums at the moment and I’m sick of it! :angry:

I own a BMW GSA. I have previously owned many sport bikes. The BMW is the best bike I have owned by far. I don’t pose on it. I do regularly ride it off road. I HAVE ridden it to Africa and back, and will be doing so again. I use it every day to commute and I regularly get stuck behind riders on smaller bikes who don’t have a clue how to filter and refuse to get out of the way. It works both ways you know! Machine does not make the rider.

Im thinking it was said tongue in cheek mate…no need to get upset about it :slight_smile:

The OP certainly was tongue in cheek I agree, but I’ve just noticed a few threads lately that have either started as or degenerated into BMW-bashing. Had to get it off my chest! We’re not all like that - you probably just remember the morons more than the guy you don’t get stuck behind or the guy who sees you in his mirror and gets out of your way before you reach him!

its BMW turn this week…be someone else next week, prolly bald fat gits on Hondas…damn thats me fugg orf the lot of ya :D:D

Don’t get me started on bald fat gits on Hondas… The other morning this guy on one of those blackbird things…

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Those BMW things, 1150’s sure can wheelie too! Had one going over with me on Westminster Bridge a month or so ago pulling a nice wheelie as we blasted away from the lights. All down to the rider. I have not had any issues with BMW’s, but did have fun with a lovely VTR this morning!


Does it complicate things further if I say that I also own a BMW?

I’m sure it’ll turn back to us SV owners again soon! :hehe:

I’d like to ride one, in their natural environment. I think what Charlie & Ewan have done for the genre is brilliant.

David, would you be interested in writing up some of your adventures into an article?

I’d like to ride one, in their natural environment.

Just about right Jay, and their natural environment is not Lewisham or the South Circular in the morning commute window. Not unless ridden by someone who knows what they are doing.

That’s why it won’t be me.