BMW Motorrad Focus Group - Chat bikes, free beer/wine/food

Hi everyone - my work is looking for 3-4 bikers that would be interested in coming in to discuss motorbikes as part of some advertising work their doing for BMW. It’ll just involve generally chatting about bikes, what you like about them & so on, the usual stuff really!

Its this Thursday at 6pm, free beer, wine & food provided!

PM me if your interested, its located in Whitfield St W1T 4HQ :slight_smile:

Nobody interested in a bit of market research then?!

Oh well worth a try I suppose :slight_smile:

This has been postponed for now as Im out of the office all day tomorrow, if anyone is interested when its re-scheduled possibly for next week let me know :slight_smile:


Working this week just round the corner (Dec 6-10) so if its back on this week and you need someone drop me a line… PM

Last time I went to a focus group for marketing I got booze, food and £35 cash for my trouble.:slight_smile:

Are BMW Motorrad being a bit tight - I mean the BMW group ,makes enough profit doesn’t it?

I’d be up for doing this next week sometime. I ride a BMW plus I can get there in about 10 mins from where I live.

I get 40-50 for focus groups! lol