BMW K1300S

Hi all and the K1300S owners especially :slight_smile:

Have been riding a VFR for the past year and love it. But decided to get something bigger and faster. I’m looking now at BMW K1300S actually. But a bit concerned about the vibrations after the article in BIKE magazine (april 2010)

“Snappy gearing, huge power and a long wheelbase let it smoke to the quickest quarter, before splitting the air up to 169 mph. It would go faster, but the front wheel is so far out of balance (or buckled, or the Duolever is about to tear from its mountings) that the clocks are unreadable from 120 mph and at 160 mph it vibrates my left hand off the bars”

Do you know anything about that???

It sound like a one-off front wheel balace problem.

Maybe go and try one from a dealer?

It should be difficult to keep speed from 120 to 160 mph for a long time while test drive i think. And Germany is too far away :slight_smile:

It’s written couple of times about engine vibrations on K1300S in the same article.

sounds like the usual ******** the rags spout :slight_smile: go to a BMW dealer they will let you have a decent test ride, then see if you can feel anything.

get your self a cbrsupper blackbirdxx wont go rong with that:hehe:

Glad you said it, as I would have!

Have you been on any BMW or K1300 forums? They must exist? - Would be best source of information. :smiley:

Have a look at this mate… :wink:

blackbirdxx (08/03/2010)

I know that blackbird is a very good bike. VFRs by far are not a replacement for it. CBR1100XX is very popular among russian bikers as a powerful and reliable sport touring machine. And I don’t understand why they stopped producing the model! But I want a new bike and hopefuly can afford it soon. That’s why asking about BMW

Have been on many :slight_smile: Just want to know as much opinions on this bike as possible

I see they have another problem:

"BMW has issued a recall for 2009 BMW K1300 GT and K1300 S motorcycles for a problem with brake fluid foaming. Please read the details below.

Manufacturer: BMW of North America
Model Year: 2009
Models affected: K1300 GT, K1300 S
NHTSA Campaign Number: 09V202000

Problem: BMW is recalling certain model year 2009 K1300 S and K1300 GT motorcycles manufactured between October 1, 2008 and May 1, 2009. In certain riding conditions involving increased vibration, the brake fluid in the front reservoir can foam. This could lead to a reduced braking capasity of the front brake system , possibly resulting in a crash.

Corrective Action: The manufacturer has not yet provided the agency with a remedy or notification schedule."


interesting website actually I did a quick check on random bike manufacturers and doesnt look good for Ducati :slight_smile:

I test rode one at a press day on a short track and it was fine at speed - no vibes at all.

As for the recall - like any car / bike there’s a recall list for some models as long as your arm as they…

However BMW have a good after sales reputation and so tend to fix this sort of thing with hassle at all.

I’d have one (or a GSA) tomorrow if I had the money


i did a lot of reviews before i got the blackbird the next best i found

was the fjr the only reason i didnt get one was the shaft i like to

play cat and mouse now and again :hehe:

so i whent for the chain

have you looked at the fjr

Yes, my friend gave it to me for a long ride in Russia! Great bike as well! But i think i decided to have a beemer :)!!!

well youve done your home work good luck bm is a great bike

injoy and lot of safe riding :slight_smile:

I had a Blackbird before. After having the world’s best bike it is hard to go for anything else but BMW should be perfect. It has the ability of his speed riding like blackbird but has shaft and ABS too which is a really good stuff. Good choice I think. I am thinking of K1200S at the moment.

Hope to get it tomorrow from the BMW shop! My new k1300s bike :slight_smile:

And VFR goes than to moscow to be my local bike there. Never will sell it! :slight_smile: