BMW K1300S and GS1200 Adventure Test Ride...

Today myself and BabyPolarBear borrowed a couple of BMW’s from BMW Motorrad (Cooper Tunbridge Wells) near Pembury, and had a nice little saunter around East Sussex. Stopped off at a few places, one of them being to see Stacey’s mum and dad at the chalet in Hastings.:slight_smile:

I rode the K1300S, and to be honest I’d quite happily put my money down for one tomorrow! Amazing handling in the twisty sections, and superb comfort whilst pootling along with the traffic. Adjustable suspension (at the touch of a button), direct drive and a more upright sport’s-touring position. I’m a long way off giving up riding my Fireblade, but I’m seriously considering buying the K1300S as a touring bike! :wink:

I can promise that, if I do end up getting one of these, I will not be slowing you guys down! :stuck_out_tongue:

** A big thankyou to Mike Brodie and Kieth White at BMW Motorrad (Cooper Tunbridge Wells), for the test ride. Excellent service and very knowledgeable team! ** :wink:

Anyway, here’s the pictures… :cool:




As some of the pictures seem to have disappeared, here are a few others! :stuck_out_tongue:





Glad you met my family RR xxxx they liked you lots :smiley:

Beach hut looks nice in this weather. No jack russells get in on your pics then?

nice one!

They were very accommodating Lou! :wink:

And, yes I did see the doggies! Had to make sure they weren’t trying to pee on the nice shiney BMW’s! :stuck_out_tongue: Crikey, never thought I’d say that! :w00t:

The K1300 looks like an awesome bike - would love to try one out. :slight_smile:

Get out there and try it mate! You won’t be disapointed! :wink:

I’d feel a bit guilty blagging a test ride as I can’t afford a new one - I’ll deffo be looking at a used one a few years down the line though. . . :slight_smile:

cool, i wanna go of a GS but my legs are a little short for it!

I rode the k1200S and the R, both excellent road bikes, I think alot of people would be really surpized how much they like em…

I must admit, although I went there with an open mind, by the time we had made our first stop (after about 15 miles) I wasn’t really liking the the bike all that much. I felt that the gear change was clunky up and down from 1st to 3rd and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the front suspension.But, when we set off on the next leg of the test ride, heading through Battle towards Hastings, I had a play with the settings and settled on Sport, started to get to grips with the semi-auto gearbox (clutchless gearing up and down the gears if you want to, for those who don’t know) and suddenly started gain more confidence in the bike and its abilities. Needless to say, the following miles were enough to put a huge grin on my face and make me a firm believer in the abilities of this wonderful machine! :cool:It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth the perserverance! ;)As for the GS, it seems to be built for the taller person! :stuck_out_tongue:

so how do you actually borrow a couple of new bikes?

i wanna go, or did ya just pretend going for a test ride etc?

I quite like the idea of either machine, what sort of money are we looking at for them then?

An arm, a leg, and a few fingers. :hehe:

I suppose that’s one way of doing it! :PI went in the showroom whilst I was in the area visiting a friend, with a genuine interest in buying a sports-tourer. After talking about spec’s and what I wanted from the bike, I settled on the K1300S. Good all rounder, 50mpg average, and you can stick it in sports at the touch of a button! Perfect bike for travelling to trackdays etc… Ride 100 miles, touch a button, do the trackday, touch a button, ride home! :PGo to a showroom and ask them for a test-ride. Most places will say yes straight away. :wink:

Top spec, with HP… Approximately £13.5k… Reasonable for what you get! :wink:

And I’m working on about £12.5K for the spec I want on the GS:w00t: but I think it can top out at £14K

worth every penny :cool:

Come on boys u know u want a BMW… :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D
Then i wont be all alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done, that white one especially looks the business! Well out my price range though… :w00t:

It’s a shame the only young people in Germany that can afford BMW’s are the drug dealers :smiley:

How was that K to ride? The wheelbase looks about as long as a bus! Similar to a Busa or a Blackbird? Does all that electronic faggotry inhibit the experience at all?

good to see right said fred sporting the’re moobs in the last picture there…:smiley:

cheers guys!!


BMW K1300 is a lovely machine, and that colour… safety first?

Thanx for sharing with us :slight_smile:

It’s an absolute pleasure to ride mate. The wheelbase is quite long in comparison to your average 1000cc superbike, but it handles like a demon in the corners. It’s weird in a way, but the bike seems to almost ride itself! It’s so forgiving, and the breaking and counter-steer are fantastic! :cool: