BMW K1300S - Advice Please!!!

I have owned my K1300S for almost 2 years and it’s a fantastic bike especially when you are tall/long in the body like me! Those nice people at BMW want to sell me a rather expensive warranty for year 3. I usually regard extended warranties as a rip off, but are there any stories out there that might make it worthwhile to purchase?

Secondly, bike theft is on the increase again - must be the recession!. Usual alarm/immobiliser is fitted, but what are the most effective secondary/visible deterrents - front disc lock?

Many thanks

get a big ass almax chain and tie it to something… :smiley:

A cover is a very good deterrent, particularly when you can pass the chain/ disc lock through it… I used to pass the chain through the rear AND have a disc lock on the front meaning the cover could not be lifted for a quick peak :wink:

just put this on a different thread but i have been massively impressed with this new disc lock alarm