BMW F650GS Very scary

Found this via an American site. Sorry it is a G650 GS Dont know if that makes much difference though.

ADV Rider Scroll down for pics…Seems at least 4 bikes in the US have had this problem.

he crashed at 20-30mph & is surprised he broke a fork leg ?

it would have been scary if the fork broke & caused him to bin it…

Try this one then Clicky

I agree with that one being proper scary ! its bad enough getting a front puncture, but the whole wheel dropping off is unbelievable…

Remember that going round the UK F650GS forum. At least one of the incidents was where the lady crashed offroad at speed, then carried on riding, and crashed again…and they’re surprised the forks broke? It’s a bike not a Hummer!

Actually I am surprised, many years ago a friend had a Honda XL and I an XT, we crashed those at speed offroad many times, I bent the frame hitting and writing off a car. Forks were fine, rest of bikes not so much.:slight_smile:

If nothing else, it’s a worrying way for forks to fail. It’s a long time since I was studying this sort of stuff but surely they should bend or fail in a ductile way, rather than suddenly cracking up in what looks like a brittle failure?

My guess would be they’re made out of monkey metal or they were badly cast/welded (I guess they’re cast?).

I know some of the GS engines are manufactured in China, it looks like the forks maybe too :wink: