BMW Concept Head-Up Display Helmet

Sounds like a good idea, but it won’t make me buy a BMW just for that.

It will trickle down to other brands, it always does.

Clever how it connects to the bike, but its old tech for the sat nav etc on the hud. You can buy units that fit in any helmet already

That link doesn’t work marm, sorry.

Not sure I’m a fan, we need to be concentrating on the road and what’s happening. This isn’t fixing a current problem so to speak…

The idea of this is it provides a minimally intrusive overlay, ideally at the point you’ll be looking down the road anyway. I know that due to where my (aftermarket) speedo is mounted on the bars, I have to look down slightly to see it. Having that info where I’m already looking while travelling at speed would be helpful. And if my satnav could its information there as well, even better. The key is how sparse the info is.

Looks like a great view of the future to me. We already use intercoms, sat-nav and phone by bluetooth, etc, so bringing it all together like this makes it all work together seamlessly. I get bummed out that I can’t have voice-comms and sat-nav audio overlaid, it’s one or the other, and often I miss satnav instructions as I’m either listening to the intercom or the radio and am too busy looking ahead to look down at the satnav. Having it nearer to the point of focus (the road) and not down at the instruments/satnav is a safer and more convenient solution to me.

I feel that all the hud’s are solving a problem that doesn’t exist. It was cool in the M5 but I don’t feel it was necessary.