BMW changed mind at traffic lights A406/A1

[center] **Class.

Maybe a bike would have been able to make this…
but grounding out your BM in rush hour traffic and the Police arriving…Priceless.

Would like to know what he got charged with…:D**


Haha, good!

Dangerous, because people start to accelerate hard there to go up the hill!

What a numpty!
When was this? I go through here everyday round 5.30 and there was nothing there today.

About 08:40, Tuesday morning…

The policeman was shaking his head when he saw me staring…I guess he saw me smiling…:smiley:

Bet you were chuckling away to yourself.

Do you always commute with a camera or did you see this and decide you had to go back to record it for our viewing pleasure? :hehe:

Thats such a dodgy bit of road with traffic often making last minute changes. But that is funny, wish I’d seen it.

Try to…bit of extra faffing about in the morning though…


A little black box could be really handy for a ‘SMIDSY’ :slight_smile:

so BMW is king of the hill then!! :smiley:

Maybe he was tired and he needed a spot to rest. :smiley: Middle seems fine everyone can see you. :smiley:

the title gave it away “BMW”