BMW Car with FABRIC bodywork!

Hopefully this hasn’t already been posted…

BMW have a concept of a car with a FABRIC exterior! No metal. How cool is that?! It makes it super light, look sexy as hell when doors open and seats move, but has more or less the same strength as you’re relying on a regular chassis underneath.

Now, I was thinking, what about using that on bikes? For MotoGP it could be smart. But at 200mph, surely the wind would deform it too much and ruin the aerodynamics?

It’ll be teflon coated anyhow I guess for aerodynamics.

Interesting idea, it may sound stupid at the beginning but actual weight of a car will be reduced dramatically. What about resistance that material from being cut by vandals etc? Thanx Jay for posting that anyway…

not sure about this… surely there is a safety issue and so cant see where you can drive this…

Progress? Looks like one of these :smiley:

I don’t see how it’s any less safe than a regular car. You’re relying on the chassis underneath as you do with a regular car. Though I don’t think it’d be nice for any pedestrians hit :slight_smile:

some questions:
can you take it to the car wash?
if the water is too hot will it turn to a mini cooper?
does it need ironing after you wash it?

:w00t: :ermm: :blink:

would love to see the NCAP test results on that :smiley:

Three words…





Crash repair centres will have to learn how to darn, quilt and patch! :smiley:

Be good business for Sam(Wasp), I think she’ll need a bigger workshop! :smiley:

I like that, very cool, love the way the lights appear and the bonnet splits to reveal the motor, the tool kit probably comes with a roll of cotton and a set of needles!