BMW Battery

I bought my bike in April (07 reg) and my bettery was playing up from the beginning but it was OK until
recently I tried to start it. It failed a few times so I took it out for charging and found out that the original
BMW battery has been replaced with some old Honda one. I believe it has been done by Honda dealer
in Cumbria (Lloyd motors). Now I need to find a repplacement battery for my bike but I don’t know the
model because the bike is too new and battery sellers do not have them on the list to search by model.
I wouldn’t expect a reputable dealer to do such thing for the sake of a few quid.
But it shows you can’t trust them.
I didn’t make a note of the Yuasa battery model when I took it out so maybe anyone knows what battery I should get?
The bike is BMW G650 Xmoto

Try the Varta site ( or give them a ring.

They supply almost all of BMW’s motorcycle original equipment batteries.

Of course you could try your friendly (?) BMW dealer and pay an arm and two legs for a real part number thing.

It comes in a nice blue and white box and with luck you’ll only have to wait a few days for it. And you get a nice blue and white box to play with after. For about £30 over the top.