BMW 1, Bambi 0.

Betcha would have needed a fag too! Even if you didn’t smoke. (Scroll down. Warning: graphic.)

Like that trail of blood behind the bike – “Looks well 'ard” as you say…

Pwned by German engineering… HAH!!

If that happened to me, I’d take the head and mount it on my bloody wall!! After changing my knickers…

Can’t believe it couldn’t get out of the way of that boat!

Try claiming off that!

Holy deer!

Now that’s what I call a “Deer caught in the headlights!!”

Oh deer!

BBQ tonight, my place…

Veal burgers anyone?

Lucky the rider managed to scoop it up and transport it in one piece!!

That could have been nastie.

I’m sure it was, from the deers perspective. I mean, imagine the shame of being caught by that lumbering couch