After a successful weekend are you going to come to BMM?

Celebration Brew is defo in order me thinks!


I will be there - be good to catch up with the " LB Family " :wink:

Still BUZZIN’ from Saturday :cool:

If your there …Im there…Now tell me that flippin secret or i,ll do ya !!!

You may be da f**kin guvna but I ain’t tellin you jack! :w00t::):D:P

I’ll pop by! (finally :Whistling: :ermm: )


I haven’t been to BMM for a few weeks so will pass by. I’m also still buzzing from Saturday :slight_smile:

I think the drinks are on Sincere after the horrible picture she posted this morning :w00t: :sick: :wink: :smiley:

Picture!!! can’t imagine what picture that could be :D:w00t::w00t:

I’d like to come on Wednesday :slight_smile:

i should be there

can someone bring some LB stickers as the online ordering tool doesnt work? cant update the “shopping basket” :ermm:

quite possible:)

I’ll be needing some white stickers as well :slight_smile:

yeah, me too:)

Not me this week, work… :crying:

I too have a secret, but I’d have to kill ya if I told ya :PWill try to be there, a bike full week this week and a shoulder that doesnt want to work :crying:

yup…im there aswell guys!!!

see ya there!!!


i should be but in the van cos i still aint road legal on the gixxer:crazy: gina should be on hers though!! looking a bit scratched and battered though after spain and then it fell over in the back of the van yesterday and got a big bit of paint missing on the seat unit:angry:

DOH !!!