BMM tonight?

Anyone going, or is it an Ace visit in the warm?

Not me I’m afraid, been working since 2.30am and will be at home by then…

I’ll be stopping by at about 6 - 6:30

Ill be about 6:30-7:30pm.

Not me to either as I am taking my twin out for dinner

maybe about 6:30 i gotta repair a crapy gilera cogura

I didn’t know you have a twin.

Does she ride too?

I will be there. Prob about 6.30ish

Alex, No HE does not ride

HA HA HA what a slap in the face Alex :D:D:D:D:D

Boom, shot down! :laugh::hehe::smiley:

But my twin’s brother in law’s twin does!

They are also a boy and a girl twins

I’m fookin confused now - just tell me where the boobies at?

Shauna, you need to keep this boy on a short leash. :smiley:

I just highsided my chair! :hehe::w00t:


Well, I’ll be at Borough tonight if someone wants to explain Dawn’s family tree to me. :unsure:



ps. That wasnt you Dawn - it was the first thing that came into my warped head when I thought of family tree! lol

Not a problem, I’ll let you off this time!

My family tree is quite confusing…so I think the best person to explain it to you is me…When’s the next drinks in Farringdon meet?