Just a reminder that it is wednesday and borough market meet is today, anybody wanting france pics, stickers or keyrings, see me.

anyone wana give me a lift in the car? :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue:


Since you asked nicely I can offer you a nice cosy top box if your interested?:stuck_out_tongue:

my pocket? :smiley:

wont be going seen as dads engine isnt in the bike still …

I shall be attending with my nice new set of wheel

wat engine?

the bike engine … :s

:smiley: lol no!! any particular kind…? n ys it out?

ohhh , i dunno even tho i probably should :stuck_out_tongue:

its just an engine

and its out because the head gaskets broke so have gotta order one , and theres some other things wrong with it i think

lmao, ah fair enough. wat bike is it tho?

i’m tired…but i wil be there just to see adrian arrive on his c90:D:w00t::stuck_out_tongue: hope to see a few others there aswell!

bring the nsr!!

I need to get down and meet some people - Loads of Newbies haven’t had the pleasure yet, lol. Can’t tonight though as at uni until 9pm then have somebody coming to view the flat :frowning:

excuses excuses lol

lol is he actually gunna ride that thing?:stuck_out_tongue:

and dads got a zephyr 1100

hence his name on the forum zeph11

Should make it, if weather behaves :slight_smile:

See you all there:D Am going to be breaking in my new Alpinestar leathers and SIDI boots:cool:


Cant, its for track only, no lights etc.

Not on bike today as im getting my hand tattooed.

So any offers? :stuck_out_tongue: