bmm tonight

whos going? i am!:smiley:

we will be there:) (if dry)

hmmm, weather dependent for me :slight_smile:

Definite maybe, weather permitting;)

If the weather is dry (ish), and the gosd daughter lets me go!! She will be in bed by 8, so could always leave then!

I am a maybee!

Me and Templar gonna be there.

Pav what time you going?

I’m going to pay a visit.

About 7pm.

Must think of something original to stuff in Killers’ can this week :smiley:

Got a birthday meal to go to in Croydon, but will try to fly down after (depending what time it finishes!)

Will be in the car though :wink: (dont like this wet stuff that falls from the sky!)


a) why are you shouting?
b) it was raining and miserable, what did you expect?
c) you can’t force people to go to things.

It was raining when I left work and as I’m tunring into a fair weather biker, I decided to give it a miss!

Riding in the rain is no fun.

Hope it doesnt rain in France next year like it did this :w00t:

Was ok once there, we almost turned back at one point as it rained quite hard on the way. but thought sod it:)

My first time at BM and thought it was good. Nice bunch of people (me thinks).

oli … … …

i was not shouting it the way i type


Timed to perfection, arrived at 9pm, nice and dry, grabbed a couple of bangers in a roll, left at 10pm just as it started to pour with rain :angry: